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A cultural organization located in Funchal on the Madeira Island in Portugal. The Art Center is devoted to the advancement of local culture and to the exploration and exhibition of significant art from around the globe.


Our mission is to make the visual arts more available to the Madeira’s public, become a catalyst for cultural processes, and be an educational resource for the broader audiences.


Our Projects

Our key objective is to create an environment for exchange of ideas and opinions, from absolutely different disciplines, where artists and viewers are actively collaborating.We strive to enrich the social culture of Madeira.

Our projects stimulate intelligent search, curiosity, independent thinking.The Caravel Art Residency – is a chance for talented people from all over the world to focus on their artistic practice, their own style, and at the same time - be inspired by the local community, an amazing atmosphere of Madeira.

We arrange the contest, where the winner gets the opportunity to live and work on the island, and the Art Center provides the accommodation and all the art process organization (up to their personal exhibition).Art Center "Caravel" organizes and holds competitions, lectures and open-airs for artists, sculptors and creative people in the very nooks of Madeira. We aren’t not just supporting art, but also we do charity.

We know and love this island. And we are ready to help you fall in love with Madeira. Intellectual tourism - is an active mental relaxation and vivid impressions, new knowledge and broaden your own horizons. Reboot yourself. Your creativity will awaken, you will be able to perceive the world deeper, discover new meaning in the familiar processes. For this, Art Center "Caravel" gathers whole groups of intellectual tourism, and even organizes family routes.

The Exhibitions

The exhibition space of the art center Caravel is available for exhibitions of painting, art, photography. The exhibition space consists of two rooms, with a total area of 120 square meters - the perfect place for cultural events and art exhibitions. Rooms can be used alone or in combination with 2-floor hall, which makes the exhibition space universal for all types of events.The characteristics of the exhibition space include:The total area of two rooms is 2 120 square metersThe room A - 62 square metersThe room B - 46 square metersThe height of the walls - 2.70 mThe gallery paintings suspension systemDaylightTrack LED lighting exposureInternet access, Wi-FiFor a pleasant and not burdened with details holding of exhibition projects, there is a bar on the ground floor and WC on both floors of the exhibition space. The department of exhibitions and conferences is ready to support the planning and holding of your event. You do not have to worry about such details as the design of the exhibition, the creation of exhibition stands, the hiring of temporary staff, rental of equipment, printing of invitations and brochures, receptions, coffee breaks, organization of master classes, flashmobs, the press release for the mass-media, video and photo coverage of the opening of your event. We will provide all the necessary.

The Art Center Caravel is situated in the very center of the ancient city Fynchal. To find us it is enough to get to the Painted Doors Street. Or to ride a funicular. Or to just to find yourself on the ocean promenade, not far from the city port. Breathe this incredible air – and you will certainly want to create. And we will show you how.And you do not have walk along zigzag narrow streets, as in the many towns of the Old World. Right in front of the art center there is the parking, taxi stop, and the urban and intercity transport stop. You can get to us from any place of Madeira. Just call us and specify your route.The examples of using the exhibition space you may see in the Photo album.We also provide:Organization and holding of the exhibitions in Portugal and abroad;
Examination of works and collections (reliability, relevance, cost);
Sale of artistic works;
Creation of collections;
Lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences;
Rooms and paitings rental; 
Participation in festivals and auctions;
Publication of catalogs of artists and art projects;
Photography and design service;
Manufacture of stretchers and decoration;
Сuratorial activities;
Storage and inventory of the artworks;
Presentation of the artists on the Internet; 
Information support;
Certification of artwork.

Our Gallery

We don’t just teach and help artists to create, we also find a good use for their creativity - to inspire. Gallery Art Center "Caravel" is engaged in sale of contemporary art. In our gallery there are already the originals of more than 10 contemporary artists. Besides, our clients can order interior decoration of homes, hotels and offices by the originals and reproductions of artworks that have already inspired tens of thousands of people

Educational Program

We believe that art is able to change individual lives and society as a whole. Art Center Caravel invites children and adults - to change the world. The educational and cultural programs in our Art Center – are created for the participants to become better and to do better all around. Someone is playing a musical instrument, someone is dancing, others simply enjoy the performances. Each week we learn more about the art. We learn ourselves, and teach our children. Artists come to us and share their secrets. We create, develop, learn, and live it. There is an Art in each of us. We will help you open yours.

The Cooperations

Madeira has often surprised the world and forced to talk about himself. Wines, climate and recreation, football talents - when the old topics end, the island always gives birth to new ones. This time - it is time to talk about the art of Madeira.

The world is too globalized, too homogeneous. Find new ways to research, understand the changes - periphery in such situation leaves far behind the "recognized centers of artistic thought."This is what we do – encouraging the local culture in every corner of the Earth to become worldwide culture.
Join us!

We propose you the cooperation in organizing events, exhibitions and educational programs of Art Center. We are opened for governmental and private cooperation. Together we can make the world better.

Nov 30, 2018

The Art Of Christmas

Our exhibition in December will offer the viewer the chance to illuminate the charms of Yuletide to its maximum by presenting the very best art available for sale either to decorate the home or to give joyously as presents to family, friends and loved ones



Her works often have both Portuguese sunshine and cheerful Spanish chaos, so we are pleased to call her Senhora rather than Frau.

Bettina Charlotte Radatz

Despite he is self-taught – signor Giuggioli attended workshops of famous artists, tried himself on different styles, and what is the most important – worked hard.

Giuliano Giuggioli

The world class painter, and a person of never ending restlessness.

Marcos Milewski

Though Marco presents his works on Madeira, his background is from Venezuela.

Marco Henriques

She was born in São Paulo (Brazil) on February 23, 1976, but soon moved to Funchal (Madeira Island), where she still lives

Sara Silva Santos

The citizen of the world. She was born in Brazil. Studied the Fine Arts. Her works were published in the catalogue “Plastic Arts of Brazil”.She has been painting for more than 30 years

Sonia Poli

Helga Widmann from Austria. Works with realism and abstract paintings. The exhibition experience – since 1998

Helga Widmann

Alexander was born in 1978 and in 2002 got his Master’s degree National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kiev, Ukraine. Alexander Semenov works in cinema, advertising and TV...

Alexander Semenov


Rua D Carlos1, nº 19-20, Rua de Santa Maria, n. 58-60 Funchal,Madeira, Portugal

+351 936 227 062

+351 936 227 062


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